Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ubuntu on Notebooks : Temperature Monitoring and Power Managing

My notebook came with pre-installed Vista. I used it for a few days. It had all the drives and utilities installed. When I switched to Ubuntu on this machine, I couldn't find alternatives to some of those utilities like power profile manager and system temperature monitor in the default installation. However, after some quick searching, I found a way to do all these in Ubuntu;

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therevan said...

First off, cool tip! Secondly, and I hate to be "that Linux guy" ... what theme are you using?

cagdas said...

Thanks.. Well, it's Glossy theme with Tropical Windows borders and Dropline Neu! iconset.

Anonymous said...

What app do you use to get the Mac style menu on the bottom of the screen?

I know ObjectDock will do it for WinXP (and I use it on all my machines), but I havn't been able to track down one for Ubuntu yet.

Great looking desktop!

cagdas said...

It's "avant window navigator"... Here's how to install it :