Friday, August 31, 2007

Qt Jambi

While I was browsing random websites, I stumbled upon Qt Jambi: TrollTech's Framework for Java desktop development. After I ran the demos, I got really impressed. The demos look/run just like native Qt applications, and use many cool Qt functions. Another great step for better Java desktop development.

And also, with the release of Java 6, we have seen great improvements on the GTK Look&Feel. Applications with GTK L&F also look just like native applications.

Since it's also free, I am expecting Java to be the first choice for Linux desktop applications.


~inSiderboy said...

Some Java license not for free.Really,I just like IcedTea and OpenJDK.Erm!! Qt using dual license if development work on M$.

cagdas said...

I had noticed the IcedTea in Ubuntu package repositories. However I haven't tried it yet.