Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Subversion Management Tool - "subman"

I've completed the Web Based (PHP) Subversion server management tool I was coding. It's usable, but many things may need improving. Current features are :

  • Create / Delete Repositories
  • Create / Delete Users
  • Add users to repositories
  • Remove users from repositories
  • Change rights of users in each repository

Notes :
You need to have a SVN server setup with Apache Webdav in order to use this tool. And you need to specify paths for SVN server related files in config.php . And don't forget to backup everything related, prior to trying this :)
It is compatible with PHP 5+. License is Apache 2.0. I have used Hashmap codes from Phrame.

Download it here : Subman 0.1

I will try to make it better in my free time, so I'm open to suggestions. If you try this tool, please write a comment here.


Anonymous said...

It's nice, but i think you should work on this a little more. It definitely needs a better gui.

cagdas said...

Thanks for the comment. I am planning to work on this project as I have time.

centryfox said...

Is your archive missing script.js? A couple of your options break w/o it.

craig said...

I'm interested, but it seems to do very little due to missing functions. E.g. in Firefox error console:
Error: hideAddRepoForm is not defined
Source File: https://xxxxxx/subman/main.php
Error: hideAddUserForm is not defined
Source File: https://xxxxxx/subman/main.php

Anonymous said...

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