Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Managing a Subversion Server

Recently, I set up an SVN server on a Gentoo machine (not an ordinary machine.. It has 6 sparc cpu's =) ) using the great howto from Gentoo Wiki. It works quite well, but I also need a web-based tool for ease of administration. I found svnmanager, but I had problems with it. It uses Prado Framework 2.0.3, which won't work with newer versions of PHP. As the server will also run other PHP applications, downgrading is not an option.
First I tried to update svnmanager's codes to newer versions of Prado Framework but Prado changed in many ways in the never versions (3.x). And finally I decided to code my own web based SVN administration tool. I'll start tomorrow, and i guess it will be finished in a couple of days. I had written a tool like this for our good old cvs server, and this looks even easier.
I'll be sharing the code for anyone that needs it.

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