Friday, August 31, 2007

Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon (7.10) on Acer 5920G

I have been using Ubuntu 7.04 on my new Acer 5920G. There were some issues with it. First problem was that I couldn't use the live CD; had to use alternate CD. And the nv drivers didn't seem to work with the 8600M GT vga on this machine, so no X after the first install. After I used a tool named envy to install the latest Nvidia drivers, I had Gnome running and everything looked fine... till i realized my wireless card was not recognized. Being too lazy to try ndiswrapper, I used the machine without the wireless network capabilities for a while.

After beating the laziness, I decided to try Ubuntu Gutsy on the machine. I grabbed the latest alpha alternate CD (Didn't want to waste a blank CD for the live version which might not work) and installed it. And 'Voila!'. Everything was working... Wireless card, bluetooth, sound... Then I installed the latest Nvidia drivers in the repository, restarted X (at least tried to restart it), and I got an X error like :

" Failed to load module wfb ..."
I did a quick search on Ubuntu Forums, and found this post . I followed the instructions in the post, and now I have Ubuntu Gutsy running on my notebook.

Compiz Fusion comes out of the box with Ubuntu Gutsy. I like the new effects. And I like that everything concerning the Gnome theme (fonts, effect, icons, etc) are configured from one application (System > Preferences > Appearence).

Ubuntu Gutsy has given me only minor troubles. I guess I won't have to wait till the release =)


Andy Bailey said...

I installed ubuntu on to my missus laptop the other day because she would get a million popups a second and I couldn't be bothered to go through all the crapola of doing a fresh xp install.

I was really surprised that it recognized everything on the machine and boots without trouble! I guess I was luckier than you this time.

the wireless assistant thing needs more options though, pain in the arse when it connects to the local connection instead of my own router though

thanks for visiting FiddyP!

cagdas said...

Ubuntu is really good at recognizing the hardware. However, for brand new computers, this may be difficult. That's why I tried Ubuntu 7.10 alpha version. Believe me, I had more troubles with Windows Vista which was pre-installed on the machine... :)

Anonymous said...

hy, i installed ubuntu gutsy amd 64 on an acer aspire 5920g i can't get the soundcard work.

cagdas said...

try unmuting the "surround speakers" using the mixer.

cheap computers said...

I used the machine without the wireless network capabilities for a while.

Anonymous said...

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